“Olana” Frederic Church, Germantown NY

            “Black Willow, Spring Rain”


“Schweitzer Marsh, April Sunrise”


Welcome to Still Point Gallery & Boutique

Thank you for visiting our website. The launch of this website in 2012 commemorated a name change to Still Point Gallery & Boutique  (formerly, The Mezzanine Gallery) as well as our commitment to continued growth in Cleveland’s arts community.  Our relocation (February, 2018) to the Cedar Fairmount Historic District underscores further our confidence in Cleveland’s growth as a vibrant market for art and fashion.

Over our first ten years, the gallery continually outgrew its space and three times we moved to larger suites in Little Italy’s Old Schoolhouse. The decision to move to the Cedar Fairmount location addressed more than just the physical requirements of our expanding business.  The new space provides not only more gallery area and parking but also improves proximity to our existing customers and a larger market. We see Cedar Fairmount as a vibrant area that’s being invigorated with upscale shops, restaurants, taverns and arts venues. 

We’ve worked hard to create a gallery that presents a wide array of artists (painters, photographers, jewelers, clothing designers, sculptors, carvers, glassmakers and ceramicists) and their original or limited edition works.  One of our principal goals has been to create a “space” that is its own work of art; one that generates interest and energy and one that contributes to an overall aesthetic.

The original inspiration for the gallery came from Kate’s desire to showcase Geoff’s fine art landscape photography. He has held solo shows at the Butler Institute of Art in Youngstown, the Cleveland Botanical Garden, Trinity Commons and theWestern Reserve Land Conservancy.  His principal interests have been the landscapes of Northeast Ohio and Northwestern Michigan. and other arts venues including the Holden Arboretum where he was the organization’s annual artist in 2014 and most recently.

Kate, whose career has been in retail and retail management, curates and manages every aspect of the gallery. In addition to Geoff’s photography, Still Point carries and displays the work of 40 to 50 local, national and international artists.

Since our move in 2018 we’ve made significant, additional investment in our art and art objects as well as various collections (e.g. Amma, Bel Kazan, Ronen Chen, Planet, Pilgrim Waters, Cynthia Ashby, and Nagada) of apparel including Lurdes Bergada (Barcelona). Still Point is one of the four select boutiques bringing Lurdes Bergada to the U.S.  The collection might best be described as having a unique European flair and an asymmetrical look at a reasonable price point.

In order to augment our online experience, we consolidated Geoff’s business (Baker Fine Art Photography, C. Geoffrey Baker) and Still Point Gallery & Boutique into this one website.  Since our opening fourteen years ago we are grateful for the success that has doubled sales almost every year and extended our geographic reach across the country.  The growth of sales and shipments to out of state visitors drove our decision to open an online “SHOP” where we offer an assortment of clothing, jewelry and many of Geoff’s Limited and Collector’s Edition prints.  To explore our current offerings please click on the “SHOP” tab in the menu above.

And, please do not hesitate to let us know if you encounter any obstacles or if you have suggestions to improve the site.  Since our opening, we have increased products and services and made significant improvements through the advice and candor of our customers.  We promise to remain loyal to our mission to provide a wide selection of original fine art and unique collectibles.  And, we will do our best to keep both our physical gallery and our website interesting with newly featured artists and a diverse selection of paintings, apparel, sculptures, jewelry, glass, textiles, metalworks, fine art photography and more.  Please ask questions and continue to share your ideas and suggestions.

Very Best,


Kate and Geoff Baker


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