Schweitzer Marsh,  April Sunrise


“Schweitzer Marsh, April Sunrise”

Anticipating next month’s exquisite mornings on Schweitzer Marsh, and without rehashing an earlier riff on Eliot’s “Wasteland”, I provide further evidence that April is not the cruelest month. To the contrary, in rare and exquisite beauty an April sunrise over Schweitzer marsh displays pink and lavender light. It builds slowly, lasts about ten minutes and disappears abruptly.

The seasons each produce a distinctive light of their own, a function of the sun’s position but also the air temperature and dew point. For over 50 years, as seasons change, I’ve observed this same scene in the full color spectrum of sunrises and sunsets as well as the cool midday blues of November and December. The hues are almost palpable, the emotions evoked, sublime.