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Kate Baker, Owner Curator

Kate Baker, Owner Curator

About Still Point Gallery

Many of you had come to know us as The Mezzanine Gallery in Cleveland’s historic neighborhood and gallery district of Little Italy.  This website commemorates the name change and is an important step in our transition to Still Point Gallery.

Over the last eight years we have worked hard to create a gallery that not only showcases select local and national artists but one that  provides a wide range of original fine art.  We search out works from a variety of art disciplines and mediums, many of which represent great “finds”/ “discoveries”.   In the future, we will promote workshops and lectures with instruction in photographic composition as well as PhotoShop editing and post processing.  In addition to the educational component, we established “ART-A-WAY”, a popular program of extended terms for buyers and collectors.

In light of our decision to rename the gallery, we hope our new website will provide you with insight into our offerings (products and services) and our vision.   You are invited to read the short history that follows.


Effective October 1, 2012, we changed the name of the gallery to “Still Point” and relocated to a new space (next door to our former gallery space in Little Italy’s Old School House) where we continue to expand our collection of fine art photography, jewelry, paintings, prints and other home and office art decor.

Less than six months after 2008’s economic implosion, we made the counterintuitive decision to open a small art gallery. And, though the timing  (March 2009) may have been less than auspicious, we found there was still strong demand for high quality, unique and/or limited edition works that would appeal to a wide range of buyers and collectors.  This modest formula has been successful and we have managed to double our business each year thanks to the support from scores of Clevelanders as well as visitors from outside the state.


Our first objective was to provide a venue for Geoff’s fine art photography, complemented with paintings, prints, jewelry art and ceramics. The extended objective was not only to create a small gallery for select local, regional and national artists, but also to find additional exhibit space where we could host exhibits and showcase works more completely.  We first found a small 2nd floor space on the mezzanine level of Little Italy’s old school house on Murray Hill road.  Shortly thereafter, we contracted an exhibit area for larger shows from Live Publishing Company, across the hall in the former space for the Riley Hawk Gallery.  Thus began a very successful first year at the then, aptly named, ‘Mezzanine’ Gallery’.  As we outgrew the small 2nd floor quarters the first year, we moved down a flight of stairs where, for the next two years, we shared space with Juma Gallery.  It was an excellent business and personal relationship, but with the availability of a gallery space next door, we decided to expand and moved in October, 2012.

Name Change

Relocating from the mezzanine level almost three years ago was problematic as The Mezzanine’ Gallery, at least with respect to its name, was no longer germane.  The idea for the new name, Still Point Gallery, evolved largely out of Geoff’s exhibit, “Northern Ohio Still”, at the Butler Institute of American Art.  The theme of his exhibit derived from a line in Burnt Norton, the first of T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets.   “At the still point of the turning world, … at the still point, there the dance is”.

In describing his own work, and borrowing from Eliot’s poem, he observed,

“It is stillness in the context of motion – stillness as continuity, as a point of reference – that I hope to communicate through my photography.  This is the stillness that centers life, that allows us to order our relationships to a turbulent world.”

We have changed the name to Still Point Gallery, therefore, in part to correct the misnomer “mezzanine”, but more importantly to reflect a distinguishing tone, style and accessibility to fine art.  It is our earnest hope to create a gallery that provides a “still point” for our customers.

Again, our many thanks for your support, friendship and kindness as we conclude our sixth year of business.

Original Prints, Individually Printed by the Artist, C. Geoff Baker

Archival, Pigment-Ink Prints, Limited Editions of 10 and 20, Collector’s Series (16″x24″ and 13″x19.5″)


After the Blizzard

After the Blizzard


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