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Kate Baker, Owner Curator

Kate Baker, Owner Curator

About Still Point Gallery

13 years ago many of you came to know us as The Mezzanine Gallery, a reference to a small mezzanine venue in Cleveland’s historic neighborhood and gallery district of Little Italy.  Four years later we changed the name to Still Point Gallery to commemorates Geoff’s solo exhibit, “Northern Ohio Still”, at the Butler Institute of American Art in 2011. The theme of his exhibit derived from a line in Burnt Norton, the first of T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets.   “At the still point of the turning world, … at the still point, there the dance is”.

In describing his own work, and borrowing from Eliot’s poem, Geoff observed,
“It is stillness in the context of motion – stillness as continuity, as a point of reference – that I hope to communicate through my photography.  This is the stillness that centers life, that allows us to order our relationships to a turbulent world.”

Over the 13 ten years we have worked hard to create a gallery and boutique that not only showcases select local and national artists but one that  provides a wide range of original fine art and one that provides a quiet space and “allows us to order our relationships to a turbulent world”.  We search out works from a variety of art disciplines and mediums, many of which represent great “finds”/ “discoveries”.  Our goal has been to provide a venue for Geoff’s fine art photography, complemented with paintings, prints, jewelry art, apparel, textile art and ceramics. We hoped to create a small gallery for select local, regional and national artists in a wide host of mediums. The challenge and emphasis both is to develop relationships with artists across the country, indeed around the world, and curate their work authentically and appealingly.

We hope our website will provide you with insight into our offerings (products and services) and our vision.


Original Prints, Individually Printed by the Artist, C. Geoff Baker

Archival, Pigment-Ink Prints, Limited Editions of 10 and 20, Collector’s Series (16″x24″ and 13″x19.5″)


After the Blizzard

After the Blizzard



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