Lauren Ramirez, Jewelry Artist, Raleigh, North Carolina

Lauren works in 18K gold, sterling silver (often oxidized), certified conflict free diamonds and gems.  Her work is organic, edgy and refined.  Still Point is the exclusive gallery for Lauren in the midwest and carries a wide selection of her work.  She has participated generously (in person and through the donation of proceeds from her jewelry) in the fundraising efforts the gallery has hosted for the YWCA of Greater Cleveland’s NIA Program.

Incorporating dramatic characteristics of fossil, bone and anatomy, Lauren manipulates silver and 18k gold into unusually tactile pieces.  Be it a gold tainted petrified pussy willow, a ‘California long-board spanning three knuckles, or an aged tooth imprint split in two, her work embodies recognition of a place where the organic and the built worlds collide.

Lauren studied at the North Bennett Street School in Boston and the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.  From platinum wedding bands to her raw collection of men and women’s wearable art, each piece of jewelry is designed and hand crafted in her studio.


14k Gold "Diamond Dot" Necklace

18k Gold “Diamond Dot” Necklace (conflict-free diamond)

Phoenix, Diamond Dot Earrings







Diamond Engagement Ring


Branch Necklace, Sterling and 18k Gold

Branch Necklace, Sterling and 18k Gold