After the Blizzard, C. Geoffrey Baker

After the Blizzard, C. Geoffrey Baker

We are adding a new dimension and service for those interested in producing their own fine-art quality photographic prints.

Many excellent compositions are lost or languish as digital computer files because their photographs bear little resemblance to the visual memory of the moment. Prints frequently return from the lab with faded or unrealistic colors, poor contrast and saturation and under or over-sharpening. Unfortunately, most people resign themselves to the proposition that they aren’t good photographers, they really just need a better camera with higher mega pixels or, perhaps worse, they believe their own expectations must have been exaggerated. The real cause behind the disappointment instead most often relates to printing equipment, materials and/or lack of a qualified operator. Technology has lowered the cost of high-volume prints at the expense of the experience, artistry and craftsmanship required to transform the final print.

Still Point’s fine-art photo and printing service is being provided for anyone who has a treasured image that did not achieve its potential when originally printed, or that needs to be archivally preserved for future generations. We are also restoring old photographs, many of which have faded beyond recognition. The emphasis is on achieving a photograph’s full potential by producing the highest quality (aesthetics and preservation) image possible.  A detail of specific services is provided below:

Evaluation and Quotations (No Charge):

Assistance evaluating and selecting appropriate images (family, portraits, landscapes landscapes, etc.).  Restoration may require high-resolution scanning to determine if sufficient digital information is available to adequately restore the image.

Photo Optimization:

1) Set-up and pre-print process enhancements are made through PhotoShop and include:

• Cropping (as needed)

• Spots, scratches and stain removal/reduction

• Color correction

• Color balance

• Contrast

• Sharpening


• Portraits

o Soften/remove wrinkles and blemishes

o Whiten teeth

o Remove glare (i.e. glasses)

• Landscapes

o Improve shadow and highlight detail

o Deepen blacks

o Establish appropriate saturation

2) Retouching/Restoration

• Will utilize existing digital files or will digitize original image with high-resolution

scanner. Also, available for small (not to exceed 12’x18”) paintings or printed pieces

of art.


Archival Pigment Ink on Watercolor Papers or Canvass Substrates):

All prints are produced through the ink-jet process using Epson Ultrachrome

pigment-based inks and 100% cotton rag, museum quality paper (260-310 gsm) or

acid free museum canvass. Lighter weight, higher gloss photo papers are also


Client Benefits:

• Fine-art photo creations from one’s own photographs

• Preservation of artwork or image documentation (est. 100-300 years, Wilhelm

Research, Inc.) is archived for future generations

• Industry leader Epson Pro Printers for highest image quality currently possible

*File preparation by fine art photographer and printer

Artist (C. Geoffrey Baker):

Geoff Baker is personally responsible for each photograph as well as all aspects of the image producing process, from evaluation and pre-process enhancement to the final print. He is an award-winning photographer who has over 15 years of experience with PhotoShop and produces each of his own photographs for museums, galleries and corporate and private collections.