Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Dancer" Commissioned by Nancy & Dick Bennett

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Dancer” Commissioned by Nancy & Dick Bennett

“Dancer”  featured in Cleveland Plain Dealer Article (4/24/14)



Studio 302, 78th Street Studios

Studio 302, 78th Street Studios

Artist Introduction

It is a great pleasure for Still Point Gallery to represent Charmaine Spencer, an extraordinary artist who has made Cleveland her home. Her inspirational sculptures, insight and personal mission cause us all to reexamine our intrinsic sense of worth and possibly even to reorient our values.  Charmaine, very reluctantly, has acceded to my request to tell her story.  Throughout life, she has struggled anonymously and silently with severe dyslexia, never wanting it to shade the perception of her work.  Several of her friends, however, have persuaded her of its relevance, not only to her own artistic process but of its transcendent message for each of us.  We encourage you to read the article and to visit Charmaine at her new website or in Studio 302 on Cleveland’s west side.


“Art through Dyslexia” Charmaine’s Story; C.G. Baker

As a postscript and to underscore Charmaine’s challenge with dyslexia, we note an inspiring article by Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO, Cleveland Clinic, reflecting on the paradoxically positive influence dyslexia has had on him and his career.  It can be found at the following link:


Community Partnership for Arts & Culture, Fellowship Winner

“Charmaine Spencer uses natural materials to create beautiful installations and sculptures. She’s sharing her knowledge with children as a teacher at Green Scouts. This video shows the talent, passion and dedication of this Cuyahoga County artist and 2009 Creative Workforce Fellow.”


Commissioned Work (Contact Still Point Gallery with Inquiries)

"Dancer"     (12"x60"x120")                      Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett, 2013

“Dancer” (12″x60″x120″) Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett, 2013

Client Testimonial

“A truly enjoyable and remarkable experience from start to finish”……This is how we would describe the rewarding partnership we formed with Charmaine upon commissioning a sculpture to “occupy” a prominent location in our Cleveland Heights home.  We are ecstatic about the result (and show it off to family and friends at every opportunity) but are as equally enthusiastic about the process itself given the many positive attributes Charmaine “brought to the table.”  She is uniquely multi-talented in a wide range of media but – more importantly – creative, approachable, intelligent, open (to our suggestions), perceptive, soulful, and passionate about her work.  From her first visit to our home, to sketches of the piece, and on to completion, delivery & installation, she exhibited a non-egotistical, diligent and focused attitude resulting in an extraordinary piece of art.  As mentioned earlier, she permitted us to be true partners in the process and it was a genuine joy to work with her.”

Nancy and Dick Bennett  (12/12/13)


Fabricator of David E. Davis Sculpture,Portals to Everywhere” 

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Charmaine received the high honor to be one of two artists selected to fabricate the last sculpture of David E. Davis, the founder of the Sculpture Center.  Mr. Davis had dedicated the sculpture to the City of Cleveland before his his untimely death in 2003.  Upon completion by Charmaine and  fellow artist, Derek Gelvin, the black and white arched sculpture “Portals from Everywhere” was installed in University Circle Sculpture Park adjacent to the former site of the Cleveland School of the Arts.

Charmaine, "Portals to Everywhere"

Charmaine, “Portals to Everywhere”