"Pool Party"

“Pool Party”

Angela Oster, Painter and Illustrator, Cleveland, Ohio

At one level, Angela’s watercolor paintings might be described as “whimsical”, even cartoon-like, but upon closer examination they capture our imagination and connect emotionally with each of us.  There is a wonderfully benign pathos in the subtle expressions of her characters; her drawings are open and accessible – even vulnerable, but ultimately transcendent.


Writing about her May 17th, 2013 exhibit at Still Point Gallery, Angela provided the following:

Artist Statement

“These are images that explore buoyancy – both physical buoyancy in water and the ability to recover quickly from setbacks.  Inevitably therse are self-portraits-autobiographical snippets that have to do with happy memories of childhood, and also with awkward moments.  I want the audience to be entertained and maybe look at their own vulnerabilities with humor.  What I really try to capture is the beauty of the bittersweetness of life.”


Still Point Opening Exhibit, Angela Oster

Still Point Opening Exhibit, Angela Oster